What We Stand For

This ministry is a local expression of The Church of Antioch, a free and independent Catholic community.

We maintain the value and validity of the traditional seven-fold sacramental system as a path of initiation into Divine Life for all who desire to serve humanity in this age under the guidance of the Lord Christ.

We honor and maintain the value of freedom of thought, conscience and expression in the ongoing quest for spiritual enlightenment.

We also affirm the value of a balanced spiritual life, including study of both ancient wisdom and modern knowledge, unfoldment of the Inner Light through meditation, participation in liturgical and sacramental worship, and creative self-expression in service to others.

We hold that it is the will of God that all people be at peace, to be guided by the Holy Spirit into wholeness of life, health, happiness and harmony. We further hold that we are asked to know God through love as Love.

We welcome all to our altars regardless of denominational affiliation, race, marital status, sexual orientation or economic status.

For additional information about the Church of Antioch, including time and place of worship, please call: (602) 230-5358